Weightrax customers such as quarries, haulage contractors and Councils are getting serious about mining and leveraging their weighbridge data, increasing profit and proving compliance with increased government regulation.

Weighbridges generate valuable data that can be used to automate billing, prevent undercharging, and make compliance reporting a breeze.

Weightrax weighbridge software captures your weighbridge data and makes it available in real time, on any device. Send your data to wherever you need it for precise reconciliations and cross referencing. Send weighbridge data into your accounting system with no rekeying. Generate and send reports automatically, ensuring everyone gets the right reports at the right time.

For business: weighbridge data equals more profit

A Rock and Rubble transfer station has gained up to an extra $5,000 in revenue each week by using a weighbridge with Weightrax software as a ‘cheat meter’ to prevent undercharging. Weightrax integrates with Rock and Rubble’s accounting system, Xero, delivering automated billing. See our Rock and Rubble case study.

For Councils: weighbridge data equals waste minimisation and compliance

Timaru District Council is using Weightrax weighbridge software to manage and evolve sophisticated waste minimisation strategies across multiple transfer station sites. The Council mines its Weightrax data hub to find new ways to divert and minimise the amount of waste that goes to landfill. See our Timaru District Council case study.

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