Weighbridge transaction data available in real-time, on any device. Sound good?

Easy access and real-time data visibility are two of the biggest benefits of Weightrax cloud-based weighbridge software. Weightrax captures and sends data immediately. Real-time information means your data is instantly available, on any device, and is always accurate. Free yourself from batch processed or paper-based systems. Ask for a demo today.

Automated data back-ups

With Weightrax you can rest easy knowing your data is always backed up in two places – on your local computer and to the cloud. Highly secure to prevent data breaches. Runs even when the internet goes down.

Lower costs

Going to the cloud can reduce operational costs such as IT management and system maintenance. Weightrax looks after any upgrades or patches, meaning you don’t have to worry about this and have more time to focus on your business.


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